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Sep. 13th, 2006



If you need to talk to me, I'm on Devil Ingenuity right now, guys.

Edit: Too, I have some VERY quiet kids here, and I need help stirring them, or else I'm going to have to cut back some, so if you guys can help me, I'd seriously appreciate it.

Clandon, I do know that Eva and Cloud have to run into one another again, but I have no idea what Cloud is up to, so you'll have to get to me on that.

At this point, Sora is going to be getting involved in Natalie's 'pure heart' ordeal, but until then, he's free for other things.

mitnal Vergil is wandering the streets, bloody and wounded, as that's the only thing I have, and actually, I need to get with Xel to finish the Alan and Vergil scene, and need to find the Vergil and Yuna scene Yuna-mun set up for us, but I welcome anyone else to scene with him.

At this point, I'm only offering those three: Eva, mitnal Vergil, and Sora. Unfortunately.


(no subject)

Hi everyone.

I want to start off by apologizing for my severe lack of availability lately. I managed to get myself pretty sick somehow... So while I'm loading myself up with orange juice and the goodness that is Vitamin C, I have to humbly request that you guys be a little patient with me. :(

Yuna needs scenage. Badly. Very adamant about it. Vergil-mun, I posted the beginning of that scene over at the_sending if we can't catch eachother. D:

But she's very open to meeting anyone and everyone else.

Kadaj is just all around crazy. He has conflicting loyalties coming out of the wazoo, and really just needs to get out. Anyone want to treat him to a nice dinner? He can be found trying to eat some of the plants at the park...

Roxas also needs to get out. He's mid-scene with Mio right now (I'll catch you to finish that asap, Mio-mun!) But wants to meet you all so that he can study you and those crazy "feelings" or yours.

Jay is going to start having some nightmare fun. Naminé-mun? They sort of have the beginnings of a friendship going on. Up for finding out some of what makes him tick? >D

Siegfried is slowly transforming into Nightmare. To anyone that wants to get involved in this plot but isn't sure how to go about it (besides Clandon and Tess, hehe! Because I know you guys are in! ♥ ) -- I have a few ideas for getting as many people involved as you guys want.

I was thinking about setting up an open thread over at my thread journal, the_sending, so some of you guys can see him coming back into the city with Soul Edge. But I'd rather is wasn't someone whose already seen him. That way, he's more inclined to slip into Nightmare-mode and -- go ballistic. Just a little.

I'm always open for plottage. I changed my AIM screen name, so please find me over at summon an aeon. Also, I can be reached by email at high.summoner @ gmail.

x-posted. Sort of. :x

Sep. 12th, 2006

Did somebody say hero?


Plot idea I got? :D

Well, after deciding Link and Aerith are going to investigate the incident of evil. AKA, Nightmare. She also gave me a suggestion as to how I can get Fierce Deity involved. Now, when he is in the RP, I shall explain what he is and what he is completely capable of. Word of advice, be scared. But in anycase!

This is a note to the mun of Siegfried/Nightmare. I feel stupid for forgetting your name. D: But I have an idea and sequence of scenes playing in my head as to how I wanna get involved in a plot with you. If you can? Comment through here and I can get a hold of ya. :D

And yosh, I'm interested in a meeting between Fierce Deity and Sailor Saturn/Mistress 9 when the time comes, as Natalie said. ^_^ Haven't forgotten! Just wanna get plot-stuff rolling. Cloud is almost done some scenes, I hope! XDD So he'll be available soon for RPing too. Thanks again, g'night! ♥♥♥

~Clandon//Cloud and Link
all devouring


*Spams the OOC comm*

Haha. Sorry about this.

First off, again, for those who are interested in the cursed tattoo/Manor of Sleep, please bug Rei (fear_of_thedark) anytime. She's pretty much throwing out hints in the open. If you want t know what the hell the curse is, look in desairecords for anything! Or bug me on AIM. I want to note that Rei is VERY interested in the paranormal -- demons, ghosts, wraiths, and that good stuff. Sooo...if your kid is in the paranormal or practically OF the paranormal, please consider having Rei badger you for help XD

Secondly? Yes, Hotaru's actually starting to change (more to come on the solo shot >>;), which means...LOOKING FOR PURE HEARTS. If your kid has a pure heart, LET'S PLOT >D. And you know, the Messiah looking for pure hearts? That's totally open to Kingdom Hearts, I believe. Now someone should totally apply for a Sailor Senshi. Oh, yes.

Thirdly, if you're feeling pretty brave, for the love of god, pull the ever anti-social Lady (rosenrotxx) out of her hole. She's very fed up with the same people and I'm kinda getting a little iffy about subjecting to the regulars, expect for Kadaj. So, uh, yeah. Anything's good outside of her span of three regular people she talks to. Hell, even people FROM Devil May Cry are welcome.

I'm on Ars x Goetia for a few hours now, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come drop a not off on here or at arsgoetia.
It's where you belong


Scenage is brief? XD

Okies. School is in 8 hours. Need good sleep. And I have caught up on stuff. Cloud is caught up in two AIM threads as of the moment. But after those, he should be free. Link is up for scenes if anyone is interested! Give me a shout! Sorry for the brief request and I would be more like myself if I wasn't so dang tired. >.o Anyone want a scene, let me know who you want Link to RP with.

And side note. XD I wanna know...anyone have any ideas on how I could get Fierce Deity Link involved into the RP? Thanks! :D

~Clandon ♥

[EDIT] Oh! And sorry for the delay, but Cloud tagged Byakuya.


Sceneage and Dropage

First of all, and I'm sorry to do this right after you got the add and remove list finished, Natalie, but I'm going to have to drop Elizabeth Swann (faultycompass). I was really feeling her for a while, but somewhere along the line, she totally died on me.

Second of all, I'm here to try to kick some life back into the other, two girls I have on board, Aerith (forforever) and Naminé (notyoureden). I haven't been as active with them as I would have liked, so I'm trying hard to rectify that.

The girls are ready and willing, if anyone's interested, so just drop me a line here if you'd like to perhaps work out a scene? Both of them are oddballs who aren't entirely human with speshul powers, so if just that's enough to spark your kid's interest, we've got something to work with. If you just think one of your pups would really like to scene with one of mine? That's awesomesauce as well.

I'll be on later than usual and home during the day occasional, so you might be able to find me on tesstify. Otherwise, poke me here, and I'll set up a new thread over at my brand, spanking new thread journal, magnificat LOL LATIN.

Sep. 11th, 2006


(no subject)


Your Friends Add List has been updated with a Friends Remove List. Note, I could be seriously off or I might have added someone here on accident. Please let me know, but I'm confident that I got all the people who dropped and whatnot.

EDIT: The Taken Characters List has also been updated. Please make sure that your on there or if I have missed someone.


Hola, kiddies.

I totally have been awful here lately as far as activity and modly duties, so I've decided to employ a LITTLE help here. Well, actually, major help.

Natalie, our resident Lady-mun, is now going to be co-mod of this here fine RP community. She's been AWESOME and active, and I've known her for a long time now, in a lot of RPs, and I think she'll be excellent with helping me get this game back up to par.

So, make sure you congratulate her!


Sep. 5th, 2006


Hello, spam!

Hey everyone,

The beginning of n!James' last plot is a GO. Feel free to have your character(s) find horribly mutilated bodies outside their homes and workplaces. (Everyone except Eva is subject to this treatment.) The bodies will be cut open, strung up with wire, and whoever these people were, they were yanked off of the street and tortured a great deal before their death. A few of them might still be twitching. :D



Sep. 4th, 2006

We&#39;ll be lost before the dawn


Sorry about this guys

Really sorry about this, but schools starting right away and I need to make a cut back on a character. And the one I've kind of lost motivation for, well...not really but people liek Riku and Angela left, so Mickey's kind of in limbo more than any of my characters right now. So I'm sad to say that I am going to have to drop King Mickey. Sorry about this. ._.

You can remove keytothelight from your lists now. He is all yours guys.

~Clandon ♥

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