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Looks like it's my turn to chide myself for a slight lacking in activity. My absence scenes for a while has been due to the new school year starting up. Homework's gotten the best of me, and it leads me to my second point. Which is, that I've been suffering with a writer's block that's left me without inclination to write for Margarete or Axel.

And because the last thing I want to do is leave characters sitting idle, I'm going to be dropping Axel, pairofchakram. As amusing and wonderful as he is, I find myself unable to keep up with both of my kids. And considering how large of a fandom Kingdom Hearts is in this game, I don't think one character less will hurt at all. Especially with recent posts concerning outer fandom activity. :o But! I think I'm getting closer to be completely in the mood for writing, and I offer Margarete to all of you. She is in desperate need of interaction with new people, so please! IM me at byakougan for any scenes. I'll have to get in touch with Anastasia-mun, if she'd still like to scene with Marg.

I'm also going to say that, unless it's a weekend, threads work the best for me. I hope to get in contact with some of you soon, and I can only offer my apologies for such poor activity. ♥


Excellent. I don't happen to have a plot journal, but I see that you've got one. If you set up a post, I can reply with everything that we had completed and continue from there. :o Or, I could catch you on AIM to finish it up, if it's a weekend. Let me know which is easier for you!
I doubt I could do it over AIM again, since my time has been limited. I could set it up there.
Same here. That's great, than! I appreciate it.

October 2006

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